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Restaurant in Mataram Lombok Island – KARAMBIA

Lesehan Family Restaurant in Mataram – Lombok, NTB offers a culinary tour of traditional Sasak Lombok specialties, western and Indonesian menus. Grilled Fish Tanak Maiq is a mainstay menu from KARAMBIA, a typical Sasak dish. There is also food from Suranadi, Taliwang, see the menu for details. Original coffee drinks, various lattes, juices and contemporary flavors are available in KARAMBIA.

KARAMBIA restaurant also suitable for wedding events, meetings, eating together, gatherings, social gatherings, birthdays, and hanging out together. The natural vintage feel is felt in the river flow, pond, rice fields and shady trees. KARAMBIA was formerly called Lesehan Heritage.

What’s Up in KARAMBIA?

Taste Lombok Foods & Special Cuisine

Authentic Sasak, Suranadi, Lombok, Western & Indonesian Foods

KARAMBIA has a great menu called Ikan Bakar Tanak Maiq! Grilled tilapia fish, traditional Sasak – Lombok recipe. The spices are delicious and the sauce is delicious! There is also Suranadi cuisine which has been known to be delicious for generations. The Suranadi line is in CARABIA! Apart from that, there is Taliwang Chicken, Rolled Omelet, etc.

Grilling uses real charcoal and KARAMBIAN chefs understand recipes from their ancestors. Produce a delicious, savory, delicious and memorable taste! Taste heaven is in CARABIA. Come on a taste tour with CARAMBIA’s mainstay culinary delights!

Self Pamper by Enjoying The Atmosphere

Relaxed, Comfortable, Serene, Always Happy!

Taste KARAMBIAN dishes on a lesehan or choose culinary delights while soaking your feet and feeling the flow of the river. If you can’t sit on your knees, you can choose to sit on vintage chairs with various styles. Whether outdoor or indoor, it’s free!

The cool atmosphere is shaded by trees and the surrounding views are cool to the eyes. Watching the fish sway is also an option in the KARAMBIA! You can choose from various berugak spots. Healing in the middle of Mataram city!

Create Events – Gathering

Together are more exciting! Always Happy!

KARAMBIA is spacious! You can organize events such as breaking fasting together, marriage ceremonies/receptions (wedding), social gatherings, gatherings, birthdays, meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, nobar, or get-togethers whose essence is to strengthen friendship.

Come on, book an event in KARAMBIA!

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